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The Phillips Collection's new campus at Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC) provides arts-infused services promoting wellness to deepen the museum’s commitment to the community in Southeast Washington, DC.

Visit [email protected] at THEARC West
1801 Mississippi Ave SE, Washington, DC
First Floor

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Services and Programs

Tapping into creativity in everyday life experiences, [email protected]'s free interactive experiences are tailored to caregivers, older adults, and K12 teachers and students. Learn more about [email protected] services and programs

The Living Room Gallery and the Workshop

The Living Room Gallery and the Workshop offers free arts-infused services and programs where residents can actively engage in community-based art, history, and culture with a creative twist. Learn more about [email protected] spaces

Community Engagement

The Phillips is committed to community engagement in Southeast DC. The museum is working closely with Ward 7 and 8 community organizations and residents to co-create [email protected] Learn more about [email protected] community engagement