Museum Visits include arts-integrated activities and inquiry-based discussion in the galleries and can include activities in the museum’s art workshop. Free buses are available for DCPS and DCPCS in Wards 7 and 8 on a first come, first served basis. Learn more about museum visits


In-classroom workshops are for Wards 7 and 8 schools and are led by a Phillips educator. Phillips Educators and classroom teachers develop workshops that include hands-on art making and other activities that connect art to subject areas or themes relevant to the classroom. Learn more about in-classroom workshops


Professional development opportunities focus on Prism.K12, the museum’s arts integration methodology. Workshops provide in-depth opportunities and K-12 teaching resources using the museum’s artworks. Learn more about educator programs and resources

[email protected] WORKSHOPS

[email protected] workshops connect visual arts to your curriculum through experimentation with art materials, exploring community artwork, and using our white board wall to brainstorm as a class. Learn more about [email protected]


Prism.K12 is The Phillips Collection’s website created for K–12 teachers. Explore images from our special exhibitions, learn how to effectively integrate the arts into your classroom, and connect with teachers around the country. Learn more about teaching with Prism.K12


Create arts-integrated lesson ideas with the Shake Up K12 game for teachers. Choose your artwork, roll the dice, and dream up a lesson plan. Check out lesson ideas from the Prism.K12 educator community and share yours on social media. Shake up your classroom lessons