Riffs and Relations: Castle of our Skins

led by Ashleigh Gordon, Artistic Director and viola | Exhibition Concert

April 19, 2020, 4 PM

Music Room

Boston-based Castles of our Skins is a performer-led nonprofit organization and concert series dedicated to celebrating Black artistry through music by spotlighting both unsung and celebrated figures of the past and present. Musicians from Castles of our Skins present “In Black & White,” a program that responds to the exhibition Riffs and Relations: African American Artists and the European Modernist Tradition. Tracing a parallel musical line of enquiry into the vivid exchange of visual aesthetics between 20th- and 21st-century African American artists and European modernists, “In Black & White” showcases the lengthy and often complicated artistic intermingling between the work of African American composers and European aesthetics. Castles of our Skins explores dialogues and divergences between the music of Jeffrey Mumford and Luciano Berio, Florence Price and Antonín Dvořák, Anthony R. Green and Béla Bartók, and Jonathan Bailey Holland and György Kurtág.


“In Black & White”

“eight aspects of appreciation II” for Violin and Cello    

LUCIANO BERIO (1925-2003)
Selections from 34 duos for Two Violins (arr. for Violin and Viola)

FLORENCE PRICE (1887-1953)
Quartet in G Major

ANTONÍN DVOŘÁK (1841-1904)
Quartet movement in A minor
     Andante appassionato con sordino 


ANTHONY R. GREEN (b. 1984)
Chance for String Quartet

BÉLA BARTÓK (1881-1945)
String Quartet No. 4
     Allegro Molto 

Forged Sanctuaries for String Quartet

Hommage a András Mihály for String Quartet, Op. 13

Born out of the desire to foster cultural curiosity, Castle of our Skins is a concert and educational series dedicated to celebrating Black artistry through music. From classrooms to concert halls, Castle of our Skins invites exploration into Black heritage and culture, spotlighting both unsung and celebrated figures of past and present.