Intersections: Kate Shepherd

Relation to and yet not (homage to Mondrian)

June 10 - September 5, 2010

Kate Shepherd is best known for large, vertical, mostly monochrome paintings in hi-gloss enamel on wooden panels. Using intense colors, delicate lines, and multiple perspectives, she suggests structures and patterns—wallpaper, steps, stones, lace—that create illusory three-dimensional space. Her work in the former dining room of the Phillips house incorporates painting and sculpture, and focuses on architectural details, while paying homage to Mondrian's work in the permanent collection.


Intersections is a series of contemporary art projects that explores—as the title suggests—the intriguing intersections between old and new traditions, modern and contemporary art practices, and museum spaces and artistic interventions. Whether engaging with the permanent collection or diverse spaces in the museum, the projects suggest new relationships with their own surprises.

Many of the projects also riff on the nontraditional nature of the museum's galleries, sometimes activating spaces that are not typical exhibition areas with art produced specifically for those locations. 

Intersections is supported by Phillips International Forum members.