Virtual Experiences

Not Your Typical Zoom Meeting

Art | Connection | Wellness

Let The Phillips Collection provide you with a different kind of virtual experience—one where you can relax, have fun, and learn something new. These tours are more than just a passive exploration of the museum’s collection. They are designed to be interactive and are customized to the specific needs and interests of your group. Come connect with art, mindfulness, and people.

Choose from 5 options

Art | Wellness

Slow down and make time for mindfulness

  • Mindfulness exercise
  • Contemplative tour of the permanent collection or special exhibition with an emphasis on close looking and reflection 
  • Guided meditation session with a work of art

Art | Making

Tap into your creativity to decrease stress and learn something new 

  • Sketching activity 
  • Informative tour of the permanent collection or special exhibition with an emphasis on materials and techniques 
  • Guided art-making activity designed to be accessible to every level of artistic ability

Art | Play

Connect to friends, family, and co-workers with stimulating conversation and games

  • Cocktail Recipe  
  • Playful and fast-paced tour of the permanent collection or special exhibition with an emphasis on interaction and discussion 
  • Game-based challenges that encourage team building and working together  

Guided Tour of Permanent Collection

60-minute tour of the permanent collection of America’s first museum of modern art. Revisit old friends and get to know some new ones on this virtual exploration of paintings by artists such as Renoir and Rothko, Bonnard and O’Keeffe, van Gogh and Diebenkorn. 

Guided Tour of Special Exhibition

60-minute tour of the special exhibition Riffs and Relations: African American Artists and the European Modernist Tradition. Explore the rich and complex history of 20th- and 21st-century African American artists and their responses to European modernism in this dynamic, informative, and socially relevant exhibition.  

You may not be able to step inside the galleries, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give you a unique, immersive museum experience. 

Cost & Group Size
$1,000 for 10-24 participants
$1,800 for 25-50 participants
$2,500 for 51+ participants
40% discount for non-profits and partner organizations

Download the Virtual Experiences brochure

For more information and to book a virtual experience contact:

Director of Special Events Keith Costas
[email protected]